Exclusive Clash Royale Game Review

Clash Royale is yet another awesome video game developed by Supercell. It is the game that will take your Clash Of Clan’s gaming experience to another level. We will here get you an exclusive and detailed Clash Royale game review that will not only assist the beginners but also the parents who desire their kids to enjoy an entertaining but safe video game.

Clash Royale Game - A Detailed Introduction

Gameplay is pretty exciting and players are ranked according to their trophies, level, and arena. The maximum level of the game is 13 and it could only be achieved when you are involved in donating or leveling up cards. In order to win the game, you are asked to destroy towers of your opponent and destroying King’s Tower will assist in winning three crown victory automatically. At the beginning of the game, you are asked to select four cards out of 8 deck cards. According to the selected cards, you will be able to attack or defend. In order to play the cards, you are asked to gain enough elixir in your gaming account and after 2.8 seconds one elixir is replenished automatically.Or else our online clash royale hack is always available for you to gain enough amount of resources to get extra edge in the game.

What Must Parents Know About The Game?

Parents, who are interested in the game, need to know the Clash Royale is basically a freemium game where you will fight against other real players but in the form of cartoon battle. The game is tough for sure and demands patience or spending real money. In the game, you will find it pretty hard to get more cards and for this, you need to spend many hours if you are not ready to spend real money. On the other hand, attaining more cards is pretty easy indeed when you spend money on the in-app purchase and get more gold. Rewards and upgrades are tough to attain and they do demand plenty of time, effort or money. In the game, you are served with unmoderated chat that allows you to communicate with other players. You can share cards with others or even request them cards. It is a great way to get entertained and communicate directly with your friends or unknown players of your own clan. With the chat, you will surely go through periods where there would be lots of swearing and personal information being shared. Overall, the game is exciting one both for the parents and kids and will act as a great source of entertainment.

Is Clash Royale Game Any Good?

When you think of killing boring moments of your life, you will not find a better game than Clash Royale. The game is a quick thrill for sure and easily offers pretty exciting gameplay. Game developers have made special efforts in order to make game addictive by offering plenty of exciting free and paid content. If you just desire to play the game for the sake of fun and not interested in winning it out, you can simply stick with free content where you are not required to spend any money on gold and other currencies. On the other hand, if you have the spare money to spend and not willing to play the patience game, you need to spend money on the in-app purchase and get all the cards quickly. With more cards, it would become possible to design a perfect attacking strategy. Surely, there are some other games of its kind but here you will fall in love with pay or wait for strategy along with a collection of cards and special powers. Without any doubt, you will find the game interesting and the offered entertainment value is pretty high. Yes, sometimes the game is frustrating when you find it hard to crack a level but still the game is a lot better as compared to other fantasy games, card-based strategy games and tower-defense games. Clash Royale is certainly capable of keeping you glued for a long time and got massive positive reviews worldwide.

What Families Can Talk About?

First of all, families can take serious talk and think about protecting themselves online. When you get involved in chat, you might share out important personal information and face some troubles. You need to follow a careful approach when communicating with strangers online. As a parent, you need to make your kids aware of the wrong talks and check out the threatening ones or the ones that make them uncomfortable. Second, an important aspect of the discussion is talking about rules and considering in-app purchase option. Would you like to play the waiting game or will pay? Is your teen capable enough to buy the upgrades? If you think of learning core concepts of the game, you need to wait and work out the things in your own manner. Last but not the least; families can talk about sportsmanship and how to face the defeat. There is every possibility of playing one-sided games or dealing with rude players. You need to be smart enough to tackle toughest of circumstances and still seek out ideal winning strategies.

Final Words

Clash Royale video game has earned some serious reputation in pretty quick time. One can expect many more exciting updates to be released soon. Being a true lover of the game, you must have the patience and try to spend adequate time in order to design your own winning strategy. If you are able to do that, the game surely has plenty of fun and entertainment to offer. With many exciting strategic based video games available, you are required to follow a calculative and selective approach. According to my own personal experience, there is no better strategic game as compared to Clash Royale. Spending money on in-app purchase is a great option when you desire to upgrade cards in quick time. Real cash can easily play a huge role in order to beat the stronger opponents but still, you must have the patience to understand the core concepts. Hope our mentioned review will assist both experienced and new players and help them in playing Clash Royale game in a better manner.