Fix Clash Royal Troubleshooting Errors With Our Vital Tips

Supercell has launched yet another exciting mobile game titled Clash Royale. The game has been able to earn positive reviews from critics and enjoy top grossing for new games on the Google play and Apple Store. Personally, I am enjoying the game for some time and I do admit, the game is addictive and just like Clash of Clans, I am hooked into Clash Royale too. There is a lot to talk about the positive aspects associated with the game but still, there are some annoying aspects that I would love to mention here. First of all, there are plenty of connection issues when it comes to loading the game. From the first day onward, the connections issues have been reported and all beta testers have complained about these issues. So today, I will use the online guide as a source to get rid of connection issues associated with Clash Royale.

1. Stable WiFi Connection - Stable WiFi connection has been a huge problem for many game lovers. The game demands you to use a stable WiFi connection and if you are not able to achieve it, it would be hard for you to enjoy the game properly. Just check out whether you have a stable WiFi connection or not. At your own, level, you need to make sure you stay within the perimeter of your device in order to remain connected. Now if you desire to check whether your device is connected to WiFi or not, you are just required to visit any website on the browser. One can also apply a game or app that requires an internet connection to find out how much stable your WiFi is.

2. Clearing Data - Clearing data method has worked great for me. Yes, the method is only suitable for android users but it will help in attaining instant outcomes. In order to clear the day, you are required to follow few simple steps. First of visit the settings option of your phone and go to the applications folder. In the application folder, you will get Clash Royale game option and you can clear data with ease. When you are already done with clearing the data, you need to make sure the application is not working. Here it is worth to mention indeed, before executing clearing data method, your own Clash Royale account must remain to connect to Google Play account. If you forget to do that, your current progress of clearing data will be lost.

3. Clearing WiFi Data - Clearing WiFi Data is pretty easy as you are just required to work in the WiFi settings. In general, people don’t clear their WiFi data for a long time and make a huge mistake. Now in order to achieve the cause, you can either opt for forgetting this network option or renew the lease. Both the options work well but just find out the one more suitable for your WiFi network. Clearing WiFi data is as crucial as having a stable network. WiFi connection has a huge role to play in enjoying Clash Royale game with ease. Never ever think of using a poor quality WiFi connection when it comes to playing heavy games like Clash Royale. You will keep facing the loading issues and would find it pretty hard to sort them out.

4. Mobile Data Connection - Most of the gamers worldwide are making use of mobile data in order to connect and play the game. Mobile data is easy to access and available everywhere but the problem is a good connection and required speed to play Clash Royale game. When we talk about Mobile data connection with respect to Clash Royale game, on many occasions the loading screen is stuck to 50%. There are two effective ways to come out of the situation and fix the error. The first method is to restart your device and every gamer can do that. The second method is to switch your device to airplane mode and then get connected or go online. In order to execute the second method, you need to turn off the mobile data connection and then turn on the airplane mode. After turning the airplane mode, just restart your device, turn off the airplane mode and turn on the mobile data. We can observe, it is easy to follow few simple steps and the Clash Royale game will run smoothly on your mobile device.

5. Have Patience - As a true game lover, you need to have the patience if you are dealing with these errors. Supercell has confirmed the errors do exist and a team of professionals is working pretty hard to solve them out. All you need to have the patience and relax until you are able to able to establish a secure connection. There is nothing to panic or rush, unless and until you are playing the game and you continue to face the connection issues. With a cool head, you will be able to solve out the error and enjoy the game with ease. Really hope the mentioned steps will help out the needy individuals and will assist them in playing Clash Royale game in right manner. It is hard indeed to deal with errors when you are not aware of the right solutions. Just apart from connection issues, there are some other troubleshooting issues being faced by gamers. Many times, the game doesn’t work properly on android or iOS device. There are quality online guides available to assist you out. At your own level, you need to follow the guide details carefully and sort out the troubleshooting errors.

Clash Royale is an exceptional mobile game but you need to handle it with care. You will be able to form good winning tactics but there is need to sort out troubleshooting errors quickly. There are many tricks and tips available but they might not work well for all. Some of the errors might be related to your own device so get rid of them of first and then work on general troubleshooting errors.